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Hotmail Login is not at all difficult or time consuming. In a few steps you’ll be enjoying your emails and your inbox.

You can log in easily. Pay attention to what you have to do:

Steps to log into Hotmail.comhotmail sign in

In the first place, so you can Hotmail Login you must have an account and be previously registered in Hotmail. Otherwise, you’ll have to go to and click the “Sign in Hotmail“. After filling all data in the form and click the “OK” button, you can log in and open your email.

Now, if you already have an email and do not know how to start session first thing you should do is go to or by clicking here.

Once inside the site you will see, which is now called, you must write the name of your email and password.

Be sure to write everything well within the form That is displayed.

Once you have done the previous step, click “Sign In“.

And presto, you are directed to the inbox and will be enjoying their Hotmail emailEasy and fast!

Log In Hotmail Outlook 2013

hotmail loginCan we talk yet of Hotmail 2013? The answer is yes, although not by that name.

Microsoft has decided to update and replace the old interface for

Therefore, all Hotmail Sign In users will be redirected to Outlook. As time passes, there will be traces of Hotmail. This means that the 2013 is the last year of, so we’re saying goodbye to him.

While there are many people who disagree with this, soon all our run Outlook will be updated permanently, and we can not do anything about it.

However, Microsoft says not to worry about anything, since the user will continue with the same email address, your own contacts, information and emails.

But then what changes? Hotmail is the new Outlook 2013.

It presents its modern interface, most current, with better services and easier and faster to use.

Furthermore, unifies other services like SkypeSkypeDrive (storage service), Facebook and the ability to create new e-mail with the extension @outlook.

Other improvements are related to the speed of delete emails, ease unsubscribe newsletters or look at pictures, and greater ease in using the mail in tactile form.

The big change can be seen when entering Hotmail sign up

There we can see the current cover is Outlook. Similarly, despite the name changes and interface, our email account of Hotmail did not change at all.

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