Sign In Outlook

Once you have registered your email account in Outlook with the user name you want, you should go to the site to enter and review all messages.

In the address bar of your favorite browser writes.

You will see that, beyond the Internet connection you have, the page opens very quickly, is characterized by simplicity: only one photo on the left, and the right side is where we focus.

There will be two blank spaces to be filled. The first is to write the email address you specified when creating your account, including the prospects @. Do not forget that if you have a Hotmail email, you can also enter from automatically redirected.

Outlook Loginhotmail login

Then log on to Outlook, in the following table have to enter the password you chose when you created your Outlook account.

Note that the password is case sensitive, so you should pay attention to when creating your Outlook Sign In account and set the password, repeat exactly to enter your email. It is therefore essential to check if the keyboard is activated by pressing “Caps. Shift.”

Note that, unlike other sites that require a password warns if activated the key lock, so you will have to pay special attention to this detail.

If you enter the correct password, the system prompts you to enter Outlook.

Keep the session began Outlook Sign In

If you are entering your e-mail account in Outlook from a secure computer – the one in your home, for example – you can check the “keep the session began.” Therefore, to re-enter, or what is the same, Hotmail Sign In, the system will remember your login and save yourself from writing again. If you use a shared computer, without accents this option, the next to visit meet your inbox.

To conclude, there are three important points to remember exactly the user name and password, select or clear the option to keep the session began, and finally, click on the blue button: Sign In.

That’s it! Now you can view messages safely!

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