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While changed its cover, and now when we enter your page can read the name of Outlook, log in remains the same as before. Luckily it has not changed, and is easier and faster than it sounds.

So pay attention to the steps that you must follow in order to access your Hotmail Login.

Hotmail Log Sign In

To begin, you must go to the site:

Once you have entered you will see, on the right side of the page, a logo with the word “Outlook“. Below this, there will be a form where you will need to enter your data.

Now, what you must enter data?

outlook hotmapage

In the first box will need to enter your email (, and below this you have to put your password.

If the place where you gave Hotmail log is safe-for example, your home, have the possibility to check the “Keep the session started”. This will avoid having to enter your details each time you access Hotmail.

In case you do not have an account yet, it is important to Hotmail Register in advance.

Last step to how Sign In Hotmail
hotmail login sign in

Once you complete the form, you must click on the button “Login” or press “Enter” on your PC. In this way, and if the password and email are correct, may have finally Hotmail login.

Immediately after clicking the login button, you are redirected to the Inbox, where it will be possible to read emails, send emails and manage all your correspondence.

If after reading this article, I still can not find how to Hotmail Sign In, make sure you have entered the email address and password correct.

Remember that the password is case sensitive. Therefore, make sure that you have not enabled the “Caps Lock” to type lowercase letters.

And if after trying this alternative, still can not access your Hotmail email, see if you have activated properly with hotmail log above, I invite you to see this article Sign Up Hotmail or recover hotmail account or contact us!

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