Different Features of Hotmail

Hotmail has become the most in demand service that was started when the email services trend was started quickly.

Hotmail service these days provides you with plenty of features that make your exposure to it tempting. Take a glance at a few of different features of Hotmail:

Lively View: Among the finest attributes of Hotmail is Active View which helps you save the trouble of switching between various windows, by displaying you every little thing immediately in your inbox – Pictures, Videos, Email Text, and also a Slide show.

Integrated Office Web Applications: You can see any MS office file with the support of these applications in a new window, and if you wish, you can possibly save all of them on the SkyDrive. By using it, you can also attach your files as high as 50MB sizes, totaling around 25 GB, with similar people for watching or executing similar tasks.

Conversation Threads: Now it is possible to see all e-mails that are a portion of a discussion as a solitary email only. Just click on a single, and you would come across all the previous communication in this discussion threaded below inside it.

Hotmail Support is a vital attribute itself that Hotmail focuses on a lot. Though live support services aren’t available to free customers, but Hotmail Support and help programs are already present on Hotmail website.